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My First Blog Post

| 08 December, 2013 09:28

Recently I visited my parents and saw a painting I did some years ago - a portrait of my father.  My parents had recently put it on a wall near their extra bedroom.  When I saw it, I remembered what I was doing and thinking at the time I painted it.  I recall thinking that it is so far from what I paint now.  But what struck me at the time was the colors, contrasts, and complementary placement of forms that, taken as a whole, resembeled my father's portrait more than 20 years ago. Even then I was experimenting with color and form - at the time, I thought realism was the only way to paint.


I have always enjoyed painting, beginning with watching my father paint as a hobby, but never as much as in the past few years. While I have not taken many formal courses in painting, I find myself attracted to the discovery of color and form in abstract expressionism.  In my studio, I lose myself in the creation of a new work.  I am constantly changing my mind about this color, that form, or the location of this object here or there.  I am often drawn to the landscape as a starting point, or, alternatively, to the human figure in its basic form surrounded by subtle color, light, contrasting or complimentary.  For me inspiration comes from many sources in the real world, and in the visual imagination of those who have gone before me to experiment with color and form.